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4 Versatile Makeup Products with Secret Uses | Fabulous Friday


4 Versatile Makeup Products with Secret Uses | Fabulous Friday | 1:20 Photography Blog | | Lifestyle blog for high school girls | Dallas Fort Worth Custom Senior Portrait Photographer

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to buy every makeup product ever.

I mean yeah, there’s concealer, liquid foundation, powder foundation, contour sticks, highlighters, brow powder, setting silk, liquid eyeliner, pencil eyeliner, eye shadows of every shade, bronzer, blush, mascara, primers for EVERYTHING…

That doesn’t mean you NEED one of everything.

If you want to have #allthemakeup, I’m not stopping you! I love trying new makeup as much as the next girl. You don’t have to, though.

A lot of makeup products are great for multiple uses – sometimes even better than their intended use!

There’s a few products that I find myself using for multiple things, instead of buying a separate product for every.little.thing.

This is one of the things I love about natural beauty products – they’re incredibly versatile. Since they contain no nasty and harmful toxins, it doesn’t matter if a product made for near your eyes, goes on your lips. The possibilities are endless!

1. Brow powder

As you know, this is what I use on my brows and I loooove it. Before I bought it, though, I had Root’s organic brow powder. First, I ordered it in Ash Brown, but that was too light for my brows. I got Deep Brown, which matched well, and used it for a while. I still needed to find a natural brow wax to pair with the powder, which is when I stumbled across 100% Pure’s brow gel – basically powder + wax in one product.

The point of this story is, I don’t use my two Root brow powders for my brows any more, but I DO still use them! All the time.

As eye shadow – I really like to use the Ash Brown brow powder as a dark matte eye shadow. It’s great for adding a bit in the crease to darken things up a tad.

As eyeliner – the Deep Brown brow powder is a great eyeliner replacement. I ran out of my gel eyeliner that goes along my eyelids, and didn’t want to order more until I had ran out of other products to order, too. So, I dip my angled brush into water, then the brow powder, and apply it like you would liquid or gel eyeliner. Even when I do have my normal eyeliner, I still like using this instead on days that I don’t want an obvious eyeliner look.

I also like to apply either of the brow powders just under my lower lashes, in the outer corner. Blend it out along my eye, and it works just as well as a pencil eyeliner! I actually prefer this, because 1) I’m not getting any product on my waterline and 2) it looks less harsh and more natural.

That’s 4 things brow powder can be used for…

brow powder (obviously)

eye shadow

lid eyeliner

waterline eyeliner

2. Dark eye shadow

Don’t have any brow powder? A dark shade of eye shadow could do all the things I mentioned above with the brow powder! It could even be used as a brow powder, too – as long as it’s matte (what? No glittery eyebrows?). Just shape your brows, apply a brow wax to make them stay, then lightly apply the powder evenly throughout your brows.

Using a dark eye shadow (or maybe not so dark!) as an eyeliner can look really good, especially if it has a bit of shimmer to it.

So, dark eye shadow can be used for these, too…

eye shadow

lid eyeliner

waterline eyeliner

brow powder

3. Bronzer

I remember when I first learned about contouring, and I was 100% confused. “What products do I need? How do I use them? Wait, do I need a different brush for everything?” Contouring + highlighting is actually pretty simple, I have a full tutorial here, but it can be even more simple if you use multipurpose products!

As a contour powder – sometimes I just use bronzer to contour, and it’s so easy. Simply dip your contour brush into your bronzer – don’t get too much product – and apply like you would contour powder. I won’t go into all those details, because I have a full post on it, here!

As a contour stick – some girls prefer contour sticks over powder, and even though bronzer is a powder, it can still be applied like a contour stick. Wet your brush and squeeze the bristles in a thin line to flatten them out. Dip in the bronzer, and apply on your face in a thin line, just like a contour stick would!

Bronzer can be used in place of…

well, bronzer

contour powder

contour stick

4. Concealer

Concealer has so many uses besides just concealing. It does depend on the type of concealer you have (liquid vs cream), but experiment with yours and maybe it’ll work well for all of these uses!

As a highlighter – I typically use liquid concealer for this, but cream concealer could work too. Once you’ve applied concealer under your eyes, continue to apply it out along the top of your cheekbones, and anywhere else you want to highlight (tutorial here). Blend out with a stippling brush (my favorite brushes)! I typically use 100% Pure’s liquid concealer, but I just ordered a different brand of concealer and I’m excited to try it out.

As an eyelid primer – I also have Root’s cream concealer that I sometimes use just under my eyes when I don’t feel like wearing foundation. My main use for it, though, is actually eyelid primer! I get a bit on my finger or Beauty Blender and rub all along my eyelids. Eyelid primer is a must if you don’t want your eye shadow rubbing away before the end of the day. Cream concealer works as a great primer. If you don’t have a cream concealer, try liquid concealer and let me know how it goes!

Concealer can be used as…



eyelid primer

4 Versatile Makeup Products with Secret Uses | Fabulous Friday | 1:20 Photography Blog | | Lifestyle blog for high school girls | Dallas Fort Worth Custom Senior Portrait Photographer

I’m curious, do you have any makeup products you use for multiple purposes?

Let me know in a comment!



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