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A letter to my stressed-out self | Fabulous Friday

A letter to my stressed-out self | Fabulous Friday | 1:20 Photography Blog | | Lifestyle blog for high school girls | Dallas Fort Worth Custom Senior Portrait Photographer

Dear stressed-out Haleigh,

This is me, calm-cool-and-collected Haleigh, writing to you with love.

This past Sunday night it hit you (well, us) that due Tuesday was February’s Beauty Fave post. You also realized how jam-packed your Monday and Tuesday already looked. You dreaded the idea of squeezing in time to write the post, and to be quite honest, you and I both didn’t have an idea of a product to choose as February’s Beauty Fave.

That’s not how we like to do things. No offense, stressed-out Haleigh, but you know it’s not fair to everyone when you hastily write posts. You’re good at lots of things, but it’s much better when I take the time to research and write posts, so each post gets the time and attention it deserves.

Blogging is fun. I love it. But when we find you taking over and dreading it… That’s when we know something needs to change.

So thank you –

…For making me realize when something isn’t quite right and I need to reevaluate.

…For buckling down and handling the not fun stuff, that I’d rather just procrastinate on.

…For getting everything done in crunch time. This really saved our necks in college.

…For caring SO much and putting in the extra effort for others, when I probably would’ve said “tough luck.”

And remember –

…You don’t have to say yes to everything. Not all opportunities are meant to be taken, not all projects should be treated equally.

…Take time for yourself (us). You can only give so much before you run empty.

…We get clumsier when you’re in charge, so slow down a bit because I reeaaally don’t want to replace another phone screen.

…Try not to yell at Bryce, since he is our boyfriend and we would like to keep him around – he’s usually just trying to help.

While we may be tossing monthly Beauty Faves for now, don’t stress out over it (see what I did there), because this is a good thing.

This means –

…We’ll have more time to focus on Fabulous Friday posts.

…We won’t have to wait for once a month to post beauty reviews and share favorite products!

…Fabulous Friday’s will include beauty reviews, on top of everything else it already includes – DIY’s, tips on senior photos, and so much more.

Stressed-out Haleigh, there’s a reason you’re around. You get stuff DONE. And I know you mean the best, you really do. Let’s be honest – if it weren’t for you, our GPA probably (definitely) would’ve been lower.

Between you and me, we’ve got this handled. 




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