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Contrary to popular belief, using nontoxic makeup and other beauty products doesn’t have to be overwhelming, boring, or subpar. There’s so many incredible brands with amazing beauty products, and online shops that sell multiple brands so you don’t have to spend a fortune in shipping from 10 different websites. Citrine Natural Beauty Bar, Safe & […]

How was everyone’s Thanksgiving? I missed y’all last week! I decided to skip last week’s Fabulous Friday post, because if your family is anything like mine, Thanksgiving is a several-day holiday, not just Thursday. I wanted to focus on my family’s yearly traditions, and didn’t want to take away from your family time, either! One last […]

Let’s be honest here – I almost forgot today is the first Tuesday of the month. The first Tuesday’s that don’t happen within the first few days of the month always throw me off! That’s my excuse. Choosing October’s Beauty Fave was a no-brainer, though – I actually almost posted on my Instagram about this product […]