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Dear stressed-out Haleigh, This is me, calm-cool-and-collected Haleigh, writing to you with love. This past Sunday night it hit you (well, us) that due Tuesday was February’s Beauty Fave post. You also realized how jam-packed your Monday and Tuesday already looked. You dreaded the idea of squeezing in time to write the post, and to […]

Hey from the Caribbean! If we’re friends on Snapchat, Instagram, or Facebook, then you know I’ve been on a girls’ getaway this week with my mom, youngest sister, and cousin. It’s been such a relaxing trip, and I love that I can still blog and connect with y’all on the go! I’ve spent much of […]

Every year on my birthday, I always feel a little sad. When I was little, I thought I’d have SO much more figured out by (fill in the blank) age. But, we were also raised on Disney movies with princesses finding the love of their lives and ruling their kingdoms by 16, so. Since Tuesday […]

  I feel like this post has been a long time coming. If you’ve followed me and/or my blog for more than a couple months, then you know that my focus on natural and DIY recently is something somewhat new. I probably started thinking about more natural methods/natural alternatives to things in general, cleaning/medicine/food sources/ect […]