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How to not suck at New Year’s resolutions (because we all do) | Fabulous Friday

How to not suck at New Year

I’m a super type-A person. 

Like, I’m one of those people that are used as an example to describe what “type-A” means.

You’d think I would set appropriate New Year’s resolutions every year, crush them every year, and repeat.

Uhh, no.

I can’t even tell you how many New Year’s “resolutions” I haven’t reached.

What IS it with us, that every time a new year rolls around, we make a massive list of completely unrealistic goals, swear to ourselves, “this is MY year!”, and somehow expect that to work?

Let’s be honest, though – this time of year, there’s tons of articles and blog posts floating around that you just need to be better organized, take baby steps, give more time to prepare, ect. There’s no need for me to repeat all that.

If that were all we needed to do, then I think by 2016 we would’ve figured out.

1. There’s a reason you didn’t finish all those goals from last year, and the year beforehand. 

Ready for this?

Because you didn’t actually WANT to.

You’re probably thinking, “no, Haleigh, I really DID want to lose those 10 lbs.”

Let me clarify – you have to dig deeper than just setting goals.

Yes, writing down your goals is great. Yes, I definitely think that’s a key to success. But your mindset needs to change, too.

You “want” to lose 10 lbs because you feel uncomfortable or guilty, not because you really have the desire to be healthier.

You “want” to be more organized because you feel like you should, not because you actually want to get up earlier or clean more often.

Once we make the mental shift to actually desire the process to these goals, it’ll be so much easier to complete them.

Example: You want to get healthier this year, so you tell yourself to start running regularly. The truth is, you don’t enjoy running that much, and waking up early to run sounds miserable already. But you WILL do it, because #willpower. Instead, experiment with different forms of exercise until you find one you enjoy. Then, it’ll be much easier to complete your goal, because you’re actually enjoying the process.


2. Just because it’s a new year doesn’t mean you have to set and start working on goals January 1.

Waiting to start working on goals until January 1 is the giant version of the, “I’ll start Monday” mentality, and we ALL know that’s not a healthy way of looking at things.

Obviously the day this post goes live is January 1, but there will be a point where you’ll fall off the wagon and decide to quit until, yep, you said it: “next Monday.”

When you get to that point, instead of telling yourself, “I didn’t get up early and run/I didn’t schedule out my homework this week/ect so I guess today/this week is a loss”, realize that something is better than nothing. Hit snooze instead of run this morning? Go on a shorter run later, or a walk instead.

Next day mentalities lead to next Monday mentalities. Next Monday mentalities lead to next month mentalities. Next month mentalities lead to next year mentalities. And there you are again, frustrated that 2016 didn’t go as planned, but promising that, “2017 is SO my year.” 

Example: On some days that I knew I’d be eating poorly, I would tell myself, “there’s no point in taking any of my supplements, because it won’t be a “healthy” day any way” (this is literally the most stupid argument I’ve ever told myself, because supplements would help your body handle the junk, but whatever Haleigh). Instead of waiting around for the new year to come, I started the habit of taking them every day, no matter what. A month or so later, the habit is already in place, and January 1 is just now here. Go me!

3. It won’t happen all at once.

Back in May, when I decided to switch to natural and non-toxic makeup (why I made the decision), I knew it wouldn’t be an overnight change. For one, that’s expensive. For another, I didn’t want to make hurried decisions and settle for mediocre products, just because they’re non-toxic. Almost all my makeup has switched, but some of my eyeshadow I use regularly is still the old toxic stuff, and I’m okay with that, because I know I’m still in the process.

It’s important to realize that most, if not all, goals won’t be accomplished overnight. This goes back to enjoying the process. Keep the goal in mind, stay motivated, but don’t obsess over it.

A few tips (that you’ve probably already heard) when setting goals for the new year: 

Break your goals up into steps that you’d actually enjoy doing, if possible.

Be specific with your goals, and even more specific with your steps to said goals.

Keep reminders around – write them down, have a vision board, whatever works for you to stay motivated.

Reward yourself when goals and deadlines are met, but be flexible if you went past your deadline. Most things take longer than we expect them to.

For the sake of the new year, I’ll share a couple of my goals for 2016!

Finish writing, designing, and launch top secret digital guide (can you guess what it’ll be about?!)

Design and finish two exclusive (also top secret) freebies just for my future seniors.

Get rid of the last remaining toxic beauty products, and replace with either DIY’s or non-toxic brands.

What’s one of your goals for this year? 

Leave me a comment and let me know!



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