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Natural Makeup Haul & Mini Reviews | Fabulous Friday

Natural Makeup Haul & Mini Reviews | Fabulous Friday | 1:20 Photography Blog | | Lifestyle blog for high school girls | Dallas Fort Worth Custom Senior Portrait Photographer

Contrary to popular belief, using nontoxic makeup and other beauty products doesn’t have to be overwhelming, boring, or subpar.

There’s so many incredible brands with amazing beauty products, and online shops that sell multiple brands so you don’t have to spend a fortune in shipping from 10 different websites. Citrine Natural Beauty Bar, Safe & Chic, and Shop Conscious Beauty are just a few (and don’t forget about Amazon!).

And if you don’t want to buy products online (although online shops usually have free/inexpensive samples), you can always use apps like Think Dirty or Skin Deep to scan products while you’re in Target or Ulta or wherever, to find the least toxic products possible.

If we’re friends on Snapchat or Instagram (@Haleigh120photo), you may remember a little over a week ago when I quickly shared what I got from a few recent orders of makeup/beauty products in general (all non-toxic and natural of course, here’s why). Some of the products I had never used before, some were refills of products I use regularly.

Either way, most of them I’ve only mentioned here and there in different posts, and I wanted to give some more details! Because some of these products – new and old – I’m LOVING.

The ratings below are from the apps Think Dirty and EWG’s Skin Deep – 10 is most toxic, 0 is least. 3 and under is considered clean.

Natural Makeup Haul & Mini Reviews | Fabulous Friday | 1:20 Photography Blog | | Lifestyle blog for high school girls | Dallas Fort Worth Custom Senior Portrait Photographer

The New

1. Lily Lolo Mascara – I mentioned this on Snapchat but otherwise it’s been mostly a secret. I’m planning a huge post on reviewing and comparing multiple natural mascaras, and Lily Lolo’s mascara is one of them. I’ll save my review for that post, but I will say that Lily Lolo hasn’t been a disappointment!

Rates as a 5, only because of glyceryl undecylenate, which can cause mild eye irritation. But the last time I checked, most mascaras would cause irritation if you got it IN your eye. ;) Other than that, it would probably rate around a 2.

2. Rahua Defining Hair Spray – Hair spray is one of the last toxic products I’ve been wanting to replace, so I’ve been trying out this one along with Root’s (#3). I’ve only used it a couple times, but I’m not thrilled with it so far. I haven’t used it with curls, only after a blowout, so it’s too soon to say. There’s some definite sticky-crunchiness though, that I’m not a huge fan of.

This exact product is unrated, but another Rahua hair spray with similar ingredients rates as a 0.

3. Root Pretty Hair Spray – I bought the travel size first before committing to a big bottle, which is why it’s so small in the image. I haven’t used this hair spray on curls either, only a blowout, but I already like it better than Rahua’s. Which is interesting and relieving… As it’s waaaayy cheaper than Rahua’s. It did well for a medium hold, which is what I’d expect. There’s just no way you could have a completely non-toxic hairspray that’s maximum hold. I rarely need something so strong, but on the rare occasion, I’ll still grab my (super toxic but miracle working) Kendra Volume 25. It’s definitely interesting using hair spray that’s more like a spritz (both Rahua and Root’s are like this) than an actual spray!

None of the Root products are rated on Think Dirty or Skin Deep, unfortunately. Root does list their ingredients on their website, which can be looked up individually, and I trust all their products.

4. Vera Mona Color Switch – Root sells these. Where has this been all my life! If you want to use the same brush for multiple products, you simply rub the brush along the sponge type thing (the technical term, obviously), which removes the product, so the brush is clean and ready for a new color! Definitely don’t do this in replacement of washing brushes, though – it removes excess product so you don’t get a mess of mixed colors. It doesn’t remove bacteria and all that grossness.

No rating, since it’s a tool.

5. Benecos Maximum Volume Mascara – Another natural mascara I’m experimenting with for the natural mascara comparison post. And yep, Benecos is the brand I use for nontoxic nail polish, if you remember this post!

Rates as a 3.

6. Kari Gran Lip Whip – This was a sample that came in one of my orders. I was pleasantly surprised by how much I love it! My lips are SO soft from it.

Rates as a 1.

7. Physician’s Formula Lash Boosting Mascara – Haven’t got to this mascara or the other Physician’s Formula mascara yet, since I’ve been using each mascara for a few days to get a feel for all of them. I’m hoping at least one of these Physician’s Formula mascaras do well in my mascara comparison, since they’re less expensive and you can get them on Amazon or at Target!

Rates as a 3.

8. Innersense Pure Inspiration Daily Conditioner – Came as a sample with an order, which was perfect timing! I was just about to start trying out other brands of natural shampoos and conditioners. I currently use Young Living’s Lavender shampoo and conditioner, which I love, but it’s good to have an alternate to go back and forth with, since my hair sometimes gets a little dull after a while from using the same shampoo and conditioner over and over again.

I was happy to see that it rates as a 0!

9. Innersense Pure Harmony Daily Shampoo – Also came as a sample. I haven’t used this shampoo or the conditioner yet, but I probably will the next time I wash my hair. I highly doubt I can get more than one wash out of those tiny bottles. #longhairprobs

Also rates as a 0.

10. Lavera Volume Mascara – Another natural mascara I’m trying out, no surprise there.

Rates as a 3.

11. Au Naturale Creme Concealer – I’ve tried several natural concealers and hadn’t found “the one”, but this may be it. I’ve yet to use it as a highlighter (how I highlight + contour), but it conceals very well and I love how it blends in, especially using a Beauty Blender.

Rates as 1.

12. Physician’s Formula Jumbo Lash Mascara – Same story as #7, you know. It’s important to note, that just because one or two products from a brand are nontoxic and natural, doesn’t mean all the other products from that brand are. I was surprised when I saw how low these two Physician’s Formula mascaras rated, because I knew most of their other products are pretty toxic. Unfortunately, brands love to use marketing words like “natural” (which can’t actually be measured) so you think the product is A-okay. That’s why we should always do our own research, and it’s handy to use apps like Skin Deep and Think Dirty!

Rates as a 3.

13. Vapour Atmosphere Luminous Foundation – Even though this is foundation, I actually got it in a few shades darker to use as a contour stick. I haven’t tried it yet, but I’m excited to use it! If I love it, I may have to do an updated highlight + contour post.

Rates as a 1.

The Old (but still great!)

Like I mentioned with #3, none of the Root products are rated on Think Dirty or Skin Deep, unfortunately. Root does list their ingredients on their website, which can be looked up individually, and I trust all their products.

14. Root Pearl Powder Mineral Foundation – I lose my summer tan and become ghostly pale in the winter, so I have to have two different foundation shades. I only started using Root’s Pearl Powder this past summer, so I just now got around to ordering a winter shade (I’ve been using Root’s foundation samples I had that were too light for me in the summer, and they finally ran out). I absolutely love this foundation, it stays all day, adapts to your skin tone, and doesn’t look caked on at all. I apply it with a kabuki brush (the brushes I use).

15. Root Pretty Booster – Possibly my favorite Root product. I only wear the pearl powder maybe a couple days a week, because on lighter makeup days, I use this in lightly medium, similar to a tinted moisturizer. It evens out skin tone really well, and it’s perfect for every-day makeup looks. I also use it in clear as a primer, when I do use the pearl powder foundation. I usually apply both with my kabuki brush or Beauty Blender.

16. Root Pretty All Day Gel Eyeliner – I like this gel eyeliner because you use a brush with it, instead of a wand that comes in it, like liquid eyeliners. I can apply a much more even line when I use a thin brush (I use one that came in a brow palette). Maybe it’s just me!

17. 100% Pure “Champagne” Eye Shadow – I didn’t put this under the new section because I’ve used 100% Pure’s eye shadows before, but I haven’t used this particular shade. I finally ran out of my old toxic neutral/light shade, so I replaced it with this shade, Champagne. It’s perfect for brow bone highlighting and anywhere else you need a light shade blended in.

Perfect example of what I was talking about earlier with Physician’s Formula – I adore 100% Pure’s makeup. All the ingredients fit my standards and I like nearly all their makeup products I’ve tried. Unfortunately though, their nail polish is nearly just as toxic as typical nail polish, and I don’t use it. So, lesson learned: just because a brand has one nontoxic product, doesn’t mean the rest of their products are, too. 

Rates as a 0.

18. Root Eye Shadow – Root typically sends an eye shadow sample with your order, it’s so sweet of them! I like their eye shadows, although not as much as 100% Pure’s, because Root’s is very loose and can get messy. The shade I got this time is Armor Gray, and it’s exactly that – a dark, shimmery gray. I’m not sure how I’ll use it yet, I’m not normally one that does dark smokey eyes, but we’ll see!

I purchased all of the products mentioned from Safe & Chic, Amazon, Root Pretty, and 100% Pure. Like I mentioned at the beginning of this post, to save on shipping, often times I check Safe & Chic/Amazon/Citrine/ect to see what they have in stock, because they sell multiple brands!

Have you used any of these before?

What’s your favorite beauty/makeup brand?

Would you want a more detailed review on any of these products? (excluding the mascaras, because that’s already in the works!)

Leave me a comment below, I love hearing from you!



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