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20 Tips to Prep for Prom | Fabulous Friday

20 Tips to Prep for Prom | Fabulous Friday | 1:20 Photography Blog | | Lifestyle blog for high school girls | Dallas Fort Worth Custom Senior Portrait Photographer

If you’re a senior, you’ve got a few big months up ahead of you.

Your last high school semester means prom, banquets, senior pictures if you haven’t already taken them, graduation… And a bunch of other exciting stuff.

These events are obviously a big deal, so I wanted to share some steps you can take to prep for said events. You may not have prom till April, but maybe you’re taking senior pictures in a couple weeks, or vice versa. Either way, a lot of these tips can be – and should be! – applied long before you’ve got two days before prom, ect.

Before I dive in – these tips would be awesome for prepping for your senior pictures, like I said, but if you want even more specific tips for prepping to have amazing senior pictures, check out the free guide I have here!

Prep your skin

1. Ladies, I KNOW you already know this, but I’ll stress it cause it’s so so important for healthy, glowing skin. Always remove your makeup before bed. Always. Your skin needs time to breathe and sleeping in makeup is just asking for clogged pores, bacteria, and blemishes. To remove my makeup, I like to use a bit of sweet almond oil (you could also use coconut oil ) and rub it all over my face, including my eye makeup, then get a wet, warm wash cloth and wipe everything off.

2. A good routine for your skin is important, so after you remove all your makeup, wash your face. Removing your makeup doesn’t actually wash it, unless you used something like soap to remove the makeup (I don’t use soap to remove my makeup because it gets in my eyes too easily when I’m removing eye makeup). I like to use a DIY toner I have with alcohol-free witch hazel and essential oils, but I know some girls really like oil cleansing (google it). Whatever your favorite non-toxic face wash is will work!

3. After you wash your face, at least once a week exfoliate it, too. I like to use my DIY facial scrub in this post, which makes my face feel sooo soft.

4. After you wash and potentially exfoliate your face, don’t forget to moisturize! This hydrates your skin and gives it that glow, especially if you do it twice a day. I like to use rosehip oil because it’s very light and blends into my skin quickly, so it doesn’t get in the way in the morning when I’m applying makeup. Make sure to give some extra love near your eyes, or just use an eye cream, because even though you don’t have wrinkles now, prevention is best.

5. Following a routine like this with your face consistently for a couple weeks or more, and you’ll definitely notice a difference in your skin! So even if you’ve got a month till prom, start now – you’ll thank yourself later. And if you feel like your face needs some extra help, try a face mask. There are loads of easy DIY recipes on Pinterest (I haven’t came up with my own yet).

6. Getting more antioxidants into your diet will also help your skin immensely. Berries and green tea are good sources, but my favorite way to get antioxidants in is my Ningxia Red (buy here or ask me about wholesale). It has CRAZY amounts of antioxidants, and is completely natural.

7. On top of antioxidants, another easy way to give your skin a boost is drinking lots of water. I actually tell my seniors to get lots of water in especially the day before and day of their session – it really helps with those dark under eye circles.

8. I know it’s a busy time in your life, but getting plenty of sleep does wonders for your skin, too. A late night now and then won’t hurt, but aiming for 7+ hours most nights will help immensely.

9. Give your face a break from makeup at least once a week to let your skin breathe. If there’s absolutely no day in the week you can go without makeup, then just apply a bit of mascara to wake up your eyes a bit. The important part is to let your pores have a break from foundation and all that.

10. Even if your prom dress is long, your arms and probably back and shoulders too, will be showing. Just like your face, regularly moisturizing and exfoliating is necessary for healthy, beautiful skin. I don’t know about you, but this winter my skin has really struggled with being dry (which is odd cause this has been like the most mild winter ever). So I’ve been exfoliating and moisturizing religiously. No one wants flaky skin on prom night! #gross

Prep your hair

Whether you’re doing your hair yourself or having it done, your hair will look its best if it’s healthy and glowing. In the next few weeks beforehand…

11. Switch out the towel you wrap your hair in, for a t-shirt. The fabric is much gentler on your hair.

12. Try to use less heat, to avoid split ends before prom (especially if you’ll be wearing your hair down!).

13. Always use a heat protectant (you should always do this, but especially now). My favorite is my super easy DIY I make! My hair stylist loves it too, she notices a huge difference when I use it consistently vs not.

14. Practice your hairdo for prom, whether you, your sister or mom, or a stylist is doing it.

15. If you’re going to get it cut, do it at least 2 weeks beforehand, so you’re used to your new hair.

16. Follow these more detailed tips on maintaining healthy hair and avoiding hair mistakes.

Prep everything else

17. Whether you tweeze your own brows or get them done, do it at least a day beforehand, so your skin isn’t tender and potentially red.

18. If you want to whiten your teeth, add a drop of Orange essential oil (buy it here or ask me about wholesale) to your toothpaste once it’s on your tooth brush. You’ll notice a difference within a couple weeks! Bonus: you didn’t spend $40+ and put nasty chemicals in your mouth from whitening strips.

19. Instead of visiting tanning beds before prom, which are so terrible for your health longterm, try a non-toxic tanning lotion (I haven’t used one yet personally, but True Natural has some), or the good old fashioned way of tanning, which gets a bad rep. I could go on and on about this, but as long as you gradually expose yourself to the sun and don’t get sunburned, tanning outside is a wonderful way to boost up your Vitamin D and get a natural tan, even if you’re naturally pale! Here’s an interesting article about tanning safely outside.

20. When picking out your shoes to wear, think of implementing some of these tips for making heels more comfortable all night (even though we both know you’ll probably kick the shoes off half way through the evening).

Do you already have your prom dress? Which tip(s) are you going to implement today? Even if you don’t have prom coming up, it’s never a bad thing to up your beauty routine!

Let me know in a comment, lovely!



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